Word on a Whim

Why “Word on a Whim”?

I’m so glad you asked!

“Word on a Wing” is one of my favourite David Bowie songs but that domain was already reserved, although unused and up for sale.  I didn’t buy it, feeling it would be a cheek to use a well-known song title, but the name I did choose is similar enough to be something of a tribute to Bowie, who to me is the most artistic, multi-talented interesting and beautiful person ever to grace this planet and no doubt all the other planets he has visited.

I remember as a kid watching Top of the Pops and being mesmerised by the Major Tom character he enacted for the Space Oddity video.  I have adored him ever since, in different ways and for different reasons. I admire him for never taking himself too seriously and for taking risks with styles, costumes and lyrics. I didn’t especially like the stuff he did with Tin Machine but saw a photo of him wearing a tee-shirt bearing the logo, “Fuck You, I’m with Tin Machine” and it made me happy!  Prior to this, I had worried that he might die at any time from an overdose or something – particularly around the time of the Thin White Duke.

Having been a Bowie fan for hundreds of years, my view of his early work has changed in perspective. As a youngster, I looked up to him with huge admiration for a talented elder; but looking back now at his early songs – I find some of them so poignant. To think a young man in his twenties could create such deep and affecting songs as “We Are the Dead”.  Such harrowing desolation in his tone; the trepidation of the couple’s impending demise – and what powerful lyrics.  “Pressing our love through the night; knowing it’s right … knowing it’s right …”  Mmmm … so good.

David Bowie – We Are The Dead – YouTube             (thanks beeb1992 for uploading)



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