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Loving my characters

‘The Rise of Serge and the Fall of Leo’ took me a long time to write, and I gradually grew to love Serge and Leo as if they were family. I would plan future chapters of the story whilst awake at night, or washing up, or stuck in traffic, and I missed them when the book was finished and they were no longer part of my daily life. The project had been shelved for months when real life events took over; resulting in some continuity issues which had to be resolved. And then, when it was all over, I wrote the synopsis!

The final proof reading is still ongoing but I’m finding I want to change things, which is annoying, as it introduces more scope for errors and I don’t want to have to go through it all again.  Particularly in the early chapters, I keep thinking Serge wouldn’t react like that, or that’s not a word that Leo would use.  I guess it’s because their personalities have developed and characteristics reinforced over the course of time, and I now know exactly what they would say or do in any situation.  Only they’re not with me any more …


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2 thoughts on “Loving my characters

  1. mumanisnowhere on said:

    A well known Science fiction and fantasy novelist Stephen Donaldson finished his first draft of his last novel in the Thomas Covenant chronicles it says on his website that the final draft will take months to complete……. so you are in good company Lois…if you are interested I will send you his site link.



  2. Thanks for your encouragement, Muman.
    I will look him up.

    Have a good weekend,

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