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“Aeroplane Lines” What’s going on?

I live nowhere near an airport and today was the first fine day we’ve had in ages.  This morning there was an aeroplane circling around … and around … and around …

And this evening, the sky looks like this:

What’s going on?


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10 thoughts on ““Aeroplane Lines” What’s going on?

  1. There is a huge amount of traffic in the skies these days. And the vapour trails do account for a huge amount of our so-called cloud cover. Can’t be good, but it doesn’t seem to be decreasing. It’s a bit scary when you can actually see the impact like these pics. I’m use to it as there are dozens and dozens of airports where I live.

  2. muman on said:

    Hi Dean, this is Sue’s partner aka muman. Thanks for your reply and with her permission may I refer you to a Youtube full length film ‘What In The World Are They Spraying’…

    there is more…. it gets to be like Alice in Wonderland the further down the hole…..



    ps love your paintings.

    • Hi Muman! Thanks for the reply to my reply – only just noticed! Thanks too for the video – will definitely be watching this soon. Later today, probably.

      And thanks for looking at my paintings and commenting. I really do appreciate it!

      • Eek! Have watched an hour of it now. Think I may go hide under my blankets. It’s the scale of it that is so terrifying.

        Thank you both for this :o)

      • muman on said:

        Thanks Dean, you definitely have a talent their with your art work there is a wonderful sense of freedom with those drawings.



  3. Well, this has attracted more interest than my BF book has so far!

  4. Hi Jules! I did tweet it out, and that should have bought a couple of dozen hits to your blog. I love Twitter for that :o)

  5. Dear Dean (and anyone else looking at this)

    My partner has being watching the sky for a while and I had thought him a bit eccentric for taking photos of criss-cross matrixes and loops in the sky. I had thought that if the (earthly) powers that be meant any harm they would do something less obvious. I am not a conspiracy theorist; I am more guilty of being in my own little world most of the time and missing what is going on around me. Until Sunday, my reaction was the same as Dean’s first comment – that there is so much more air traffic than there used to be, and yes, it’s a shame about the additional pollution it causes.
    On Sunday morning, when Julz pointed out this plane that was circling around, it was the first time I had seen anything odd. I know nothing about aeroplanes, but this was not a small aircraft looping the loop – it looked like a passenger plane, with two jets out the back … but I have only ever seen them flying past en route from A to B, as the crow flies.
    There was no Air Display in the area, and no airport, so it wasn’t queuing up to land.
    Later in the evening, when I took the dog for his last walk, I looked at the sky for a change, instead of down at the road – and I was shocked.

    If anyone puts “chemtrails” into a search engine, they can come up with their own conclusions – but the video that Julz linked to is comprehensive (albeit a bit long!)

    Jules Lucton

  6. muman on said:

    Hi Dean and others following this post,

    the link to ‘What In The World Are They Spraying’ is a comprehensive look into ‘chemtrails’ with some scientific evidence to prove 1) they exist, 2) Aluminium and Barium are being sprayed amongst other substances 3) their existence is being covered up by our ‘governments’. No one can deny we are at a juncture in world history either we wake up and realize an ‘elite’ few are controlling our financial system, are waging wars for nefarious reasons with a globalist agenda or we as a global community enter a big brother world governance ruled by the likes of the Rothschilds and Rockerfellers and other similar families….including European Royalty.
    Forgiveness is the key and Ghandiesk non co operation in ‘their’ global banking system that runs on a currency system of loans and debt creation. Currently a liens is being served on these bankers by a group calling themselves the ‘White Hats’.
    Solution: end the Federal Reserve Bank in the US and similar privately owned banks that are fleecing national governments, re introduce patents for free energy machines that were shelved by the ‘elites’ ending their petroleum for profit fuel economy that also ruins Gaia , start local economies and grow local produce and above all inquire into one’s true nature and so climb out of millenia of conditioning that encourages overt masculinity and its associated waring and egotistical behavior.

    So stay chilled have faith and all will end OK.



    ps if anyone thinks this is cuckoo….fair does…however we are in for an interesting ride over the next few months and years what ever you believe in or not.

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