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Traffic News

As a commuter on a busy motorway, I like to hear the local traffic news before I join the motorway and possibly get stuck for three or more hours owing to a closure a few miles down.  If the timing is out, the traffic update comes on just as I’m going down the slip road; “And if you are travelling south on the M5 …” (said in an ominous voice) “then everything appears to be flowing nicely.”  Yipee!  But why even mention it if there’s no problem?

I have found the most up to date traffic information is provided by the overhead matrix signs that warn of delays, queues ahead, debris in the carriageway or planned overnight closures, but again, if there is nothing to report, don’t distract drivers by posting arbitrary messages.  This morning’s message for the commuters and lorry drivers to read as we travelled in three solid lanes in dazzling sunshine was:



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