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Sunday Evenings

I always feel ‘down’ on Sunday evenings.  I think it must stem from hating school. What didn’t help at the time was grown-ups saying that schooldays were the best days of your life. Just as well I didn’t believe them!  But then I was miserable in the first job I had straight after school – I simply could not please the boss and dreaded every day.  Only after I got another job and moved on did I learn that this woman had a reputation for bullying the ‘office junior’.  Fortunately, most were more resilient than I was.

Even if there is no school or work on Monday, that Sunday Evening feeling is always there.  Sunday: the worst evening of the week.

Things that have, over the years, shaped the Sunday evening:

  • “School in the morning” (said by a parent or grandparent)
  • Homework that has somehow been left until Sunday night
  • Double maths first lesson on Monday
  • Having to go to bed early when you got up late
  • Sunday dinner’s lingering smell – especially cauliflower which somehow manages to lurk half way up the stairs
  • Leftover cold chicken carcass, smelling like a dead body in a morgue (not that I’ve ever smelt one)
  • Depressing TV programmes that other people like to watch
  • Making sandwiches for tomorrow
  • Setting the alarm for the morning
  • Wondering what to wear and wishing I’d done some ironing
  • What if it’s snowing in the morning?
  • What if the roads are flooded?
  • Remembering I’ve forgotten to check my oil, water and tyres
  • Lying awake reuniting with Friday’s unresolved work issues
  • Lying awake yawning and getting cross because I’m not asleep and the alarm will go off in less than two hours
  • Getting cross because I had to look up whether ‘lying’ or ‘laying’ is correct and I’m still not convinced 😉
  • All that writing I thought I would have done, and I only did half of it …
  • Urm … Any that I’ve missed?

I guess Friday evening is the compensation.

Happy New Week!



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3 thoughts on “Sunday Evenings

  1. Funnily enough, I don’t mind Sunday evenings. You’re right, the thought of the approaching week does tend to color the emotions but I’m in a job that I don’t actually mind, and the commute is (normally) pain free so it’s not too bad. Not like it was when I had to drive up to Birmingham every morning whilst working for you-know-who!

  2. That commute to Brum was silly and unnecessary. However much I try to live ‘in the moment’, it is always coloured by past experience and future fears. I reckon you must be pretty good at this ‘life’ thing xx

  3. simonthoughts on said:

    You’re kidding right?? Good at life?? You’re talking to a man who is divorced and living alone in Manchester with no social life to speak of! But you’re right about the past and future coloring your opinions. Totally agree

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