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A visit from the President

The “President and CEO” of the U.S. company I work for is visiting today.  The building smells of paint – honestly!  The painters were in last week, as well as the window cleaners.   We had the usual email about wearing appropriate attire and keeping the office tidy – it wouldn’t do to give the impression there was any work going on – and there was another request that made me laugh:  “Please ensure there is no preparation of food with strong or spicy odours.”  I don’t know why they didn’t give us all the day off, in case we make the place look untidy, or make a smell.

He is due to visit our department at 2pm and, although I only have another seven weeks left to work here, I am looking forward to meeting him.  In photos and videos he looks like Superman but with more appropriate attire.  Either he is about eight feet tall or else he surrounds himself with very small people.  I wonder if you have to put your height on your CV if you apply for a job as CEO in a large company?

Now I can hear scraping noises outside – and a colleague who normally wears overalls, but is wearing a suit today, is breaking up the compacted snow with a spade and removing it from around the visitor parking spaces – and as I watch a buffet is being delivered.  No onions, I hope.


Well, 2pm has been and gone, and so has our VIP visitor.  He looked older and thinner than he looks on camera – and he also looked eight feet tall, but then his posy were all shorties.

I said to him, “You should come here more often – the place has never looked so clean.”  No I didn’t.  The poor guy was wearing the glazed expression of someone who is jet-lagged and/or does not wish to engage in conversation, and walked through without saying anything.

I shouldn’t take the mickey.  My own home would be so much cleaner if I had visitors more often.


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7 thoughts on “A visit from the President

  1. I remember when he visited us while I was still working for that company. There was a rumour he was turning up, the same message went out (clean desks, no food, uglier people kept in basement etc.) and then when we had all primped and prepared… he never showed. As big an anti-climax as the latest Bowie single… heh.
    Great post Jules – and about time too! More words more often please!!

    • “uglier people kept in the basement” LOL!
      I don’t seem to have much to say lately, but it’s nice to think someone has noticed and gives a monkey’s whether I write or not.
      I like Bowie’s new single – but then I’m biased.
      Take care, me dear X

  2. Should have said hey Mr VP thanks for 13 years of working at ‘Acme Ltd’ o and thanks for making me redundant, have a good life.

  3. I think the custom in the US is to say “Hey!” but then leave it at that.
    Some things are better left unsaid, and I don’t feel bitter xxx

  4. I remember one time at a company that I worked for, we had a visitation from big wigs from the U.S.Navy no less to monitor progress of a job that we were doing for them. Same bull shit exercise, painting tidying gardening, the works
    One of the female guests in a peacock blue coat leant against something where the paint was still wet, and our M.D. almost sh1t himself, couldn’t apologise enough, insisted that she removed her coat and he despatched a colleague immediately to have the garment dry cleaned, whilst the dear lady protested and saw the funny side of all this.
    Very nice to see the heirarchy put in a situation that we ourselves had been through,and it just bears out that we all have our superiors!

    • Ha ha! That’s brilliant… Can dry cleaners can get paint off? If you took a coat in the cleaners these days they’d say come back in a week. I wonder how many of the Queen’s coats have been ruined by paint.

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