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I promise to change the subject soon …

You know how it is when a house has been on the market for such a time that you think there must be something wrong with it? My CV must be starting to look like that to the IT agencies. I adapt it depending on the role I am applying for; rearranging the layout to put more emphasis on those skills that seem most relevant to the role. It is a while now since I spoke to an IT agent, but in the early days of redundancy when I was new on the market and therefore interesting; no-one suggested there was anything wrong with my CV.

A couple of weeks ago, I thought I had been head-hunted, maybe for the wrong reasons but I was nonetheless excited and hopeful. An agency I had never heard of had picked out my CV – it seemed I was ideal for a particular role. He was choosing his words carefully; “The company has a person-centred ethos … they are not necessarily looking for whizz kids but for people who live locally and are likely to stay with them.” I said, “You mean they take old people? Cool!” But he phoned back two days later and said that the finance for the new role had not yet been signed off, but they were keen to meet me as soon as it had been. Since then I have heard nothing, and I think I have seen the job he was describing advertised on the internet.

Meanwhile, the care work goes on. I’m thinking of asking about doing ‘waking nights’ as this would boost the income – being in one place for a big chunk of paid hours. At the moment there is someone I visit twice daily who lives out in the sticks and has formed an attachment to me; phoning the office to ask if I could visit more often etc. This is flattering and makes me feel good, but the two half-hour visits (which always over-run unless I have another call booked soon after) entail one hour and forty minutes travel time, so the morning visit followed soon after by the lunch time visit earns me a grand total of £6.60 and takes up most of the morning.

So far, I have kept one week-day as a day off to be available for interviews, but I have only had two. The first was back when I was still working my redundancy notice. The job description was vague and I was interviewed by two guys who didn’t seem entirely sure of what they were looking for. I didn’t get the job, and subsequently saw it re-advertised with a more specific job description. The second was booked about a fortnight in advance and whilst it seemed to go well I found it a little odd that one of the guys seemed to want to chat about the AS/400 I used to work on, which was not part of the advertised role. Then, just as I thought we were getting warmed up, he said “Thank you for your time,” and that was it. I suspect they had already found the person they wanted and were just going through the motions. Or maybe I came over as a complete weirdo.
If you want to sell a house but there has been no interest for a while, you can wait a while and then try again. If you are trying to sell yourself then it’s not so easy to take your details off the market. If you’ve read as far as this, thanks and well done – and I promise to change the subject next time 🙂

Aside from that, my son and his girlfriend are here this weekend. They had planned to visit the local Beer, Cider & Perry Festival but looked it up on the internet prior to catching the bus and found it had run out of booze!
“Due to a very busy day on Friday the range of drinks that we have on offer may soon become very limited. Sorry to those of you in the queue last night.”

Only in England, eh? 😦


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5 thoughts on “I promise to change the subject soon …

  1. Nice post. The banksters are running this country down like they have done with Greece, Portugal, Spain and Ireland. And thanks to a certain person our UK industry was purposely stripped of its usefulness as a ploy to end socialism. So we have unscrupulous employers, agencies and there associated minions trucking us to a future of debt and slavery. Will Jonny English wake up to this nefarious plot……hmmmmmmm nope. We get what we deserve maybe some of us who are aware can be like the hundreth monkey syndrome….but then I hear that research was doctored. Who? John Pertwee maybe :-).

    Where’s me happy head Aunt Sally ?

  2. I’m so sorry you’re not finding the I.T work you want, and are feeling a bit neglected. I know EXACTLY how you feel when going through this – I’ve been through two redundancies myself, one enforced, one voluntary (or enforced by a nervous breakdown – you be the judge 🙂 ! ) but both times I was out of work for a number of months and the feeling of every day being overlooked, with no interest shown, is hard on the soul.
    I also hope the care stuff gives you more hours, and more importantly, more money! Great post, as always 🙂

    • I know you know how I feel, Simon, and I don’t imagine there’s much in this life that you couldn’t understand. Thank you for your understanding! I also guess your circumstances back then must have added extra weight to the daily disappointment. What I need is a cut-off point to stop wasting all my spare time looking at IT jobs; be grateful that I’ve found a new niche, and nurture it. At the moment I keep thinking maybe recruitment has slowed down owing to the summer holidays; which gives me an excuse not to move on.

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