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Monday tomorrow so maybe I might get a call … ?

Nothing has happened that’s worth reporting and I did say I wouldn’t keep going on about care work but here I am having too long a weekend because I’ve said goodbye to the lovely old gent who was my weekend feature. Not only was he good company, sensitive and bright, but I was with him for a long block of hours rather than half an hour here and there – and regularly overnight – so it was financially viable as well as enjoyable. Now he has moved to a different agency – not of his own accord – it is to do with finance, but we have agreed to remain friends.
So what happens next? I could tell my agency I am now available for any other weekend work – but it would only be odd half hours throughout the day which might land anywhere between 7:00 and 23:00 with big gaps and unpaid travel time in between, meaning I could potentially be out all day but only have about four hours’ paid work. I would prefer to do something else at the weekend … anything really so long as it’s a job where they actually pay you for the hours you work. Despite what I said (in the previous post) about biting the bullet, I was quick to spit it out again and am feeling pathetically hopeful about the recent IT jobs I have applied for. That mild elation I felt from proving to myself that I actually can do care work was short lived. It does have its moments but mostly I am just spinning around with insufficient travel time between calls, apologising for being late and doing a bright and cheerful act – talking absolute rubbish because I am so bad at small talk and having the same conversations with the same people, day after day.
I yearn to be back in an IT team, or some similar team; behind the computer screen and in my inner world, where my incapacity to talk about nothing is appreciated by the majority, but where there is still a pervading yet varied and complex sense of humour. And it’s Monday tomorrow so I might get a call …
Anyway, here’s the end of a post about nothing – but it will serve to keep my blog alive … I see my blog as a cyber pet that might die if I don’t shake it about a bit.
Oh, I have something to leave you with – I do check my blog stats now and again and was pleased to see that this short story I posted a couple of years ago is still attracting a lot of traffic:

“The Snow Cock.” – Flash fiction

The surprising popularity of this story prompted me to check out the search criteria that had led people to this post. Of course, I cannot see who is looking, but sometimes I am able to see what they have entered in the browser. Was it “Jules Lucton” or was it “The Rise of Serge and the Fall of Leo”? Or was it simply my reputation as a writer of modern fiction that was drawing them?
Unfortunately not … the search terms that bring folks to this post are …

“cock flash”


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5 thoughts on “Monday tomorrow so maybe I might get a call … ?

  1. Oh Jules – you sound a little lost, and a little despondent, with your situation.
    I know it must be hard to keep a cheery disposition when you’re worried and fed up, especially as in your current role it isn’t really an option to be miserable and moody (an act I have perfected over the years, as you probably know!)
    I really do want you back in the IT world too – I know how talented you are, and I think the only thing that’s stopping you getting back there at the moment is the lack of jobs, which is out of your control. While you’re not in an IT role at the moment, have you maybe though about cross training? Maybe look into Salesforce (which is the stuff I’ve moved into). It’s all cloud based, the data model is easy to get to grips with, and I know that there is a lack of Salesforce developers out there. The coding language is based on Java, (similar syntax, methodologies etc.) so you won’t have a problem getting your head round that, and there are so many tutorials and online pieces to help you it should be quite easy for you to get the hand of. Plus you’ll have a technical resource on stand by for you if you need it 🙂
    Keep your chin up, keep writing (I love your posts) and try and remain positive….

    • Simon, that post might have been an email to you, but I took out the effing and blinding and non-PC bits; tarted up the grammar, and used it to keep my blog going in the certainty that you would read and reply just as if it were a personal email! Thanks so much for your support and encouragement and for boosting my confidence as always.
      I did actually receive two phone calls today about jobs I had applied for over the weekend, one of which I am particularly hopeful about – although the calls were from agencies who do tend to raise expectations unrealistically – so I must try not to get carried away!
      Love xxx

  2. What Simon said!

    Hope something comes along soon. You deserve to have a decent job and income. Such a shame that the chap you cared for has had to change agency. It can take so long to get a good relationship going in care work. It’s just not fare, is it?

    I love your blog posts too, whether they are your funny and creative ones, or one more like this about life in general.

    x x x

  3. You, Dean, as an artist, designer and poet know far more than I do about deserving a decent income for the invaluable work you do, so thank you for sympathising. Of course, an artist with your talent could always knock up something like this and sell it for a few grand:



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