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The Lighthouse Tarot – available for purchase

My small print run of The Lighthouse Tarot has been delivered:

I am selling them for £22 per deck plus postage by Royal Mail:

Price including postage for a single pack/deck:

UK standard 1st class: £22.00 + £3.85 = £25.85

UK standard 2nd class:  £22.00 + £3.20 = £25.20

Europe no tracking:  £22.00 +  £5.95 = £27.95

Europe tracked:  £22.00 +  £10.25 = £32.25

USA no tracking:  £22.00 + £10.95 = £32.95

USA tracked:  £22.00 + £13.45 =  £35.45

Canada no tracking: £22.00 + £8.30 = £30.30

Canada tracked: £22.00 + £12.70 = £34.70

Australia no tracking: £22.00 + £9.60 = £31.60

Australia tracked: £22.00 + £13.85 = £35.85

Please use the Contact Form to order a deck or to enquire about other postage options or for multiple decks.

 The cards come in a cardboard tuck box.  There is no booklet but a list of definitions can be found by clicking on “Tarot Card Meanings” tab or menu option.

They are standard tarot-size 7cm x 12cm, printed in the UK on 320gsm card with smooth finish – very easy to shuffle and fan.

Thank you 🙂


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4 thoughts on “The Lighthouse Tarot – available for purchase

  1. Wonderful work, Sue! I wish I was more versed in tarot, guess it’s not too late to learn x x x

  2. Vera Mercer on said:

    Love your Lighthouse Tarot. Is it possible to purchase a deck??
    Also, I live in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
    Thank you, Vera

    • Hi Vera,
      Thank you very much for loving it – I have responded to your email.

      In case anyone else is interested in shipping to Canada, according to the leaflet I picked up at the post office:
      Untracked is £22 + £8.30 = £30.30
      Tracked is £22 + £12.70 = £34.70

      Canada appears to be World Zone 1 on the basis that it is not on the massive list of countries that are World Zone 2, and neither is it Europe or World Zone 3, which appears to be only USA.
      Urm … thanks, Royal Mail!

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