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Sorry to bring this up again when I already did it back in May, but I have a few photos to share. This time there is no plane – just the chemtrails. It’s worth mentioning that you don’t hear the planes except sometimes at night. These lines are made by high flying passenger planes.

The photos above were all taken this evening, from the back garden.

I took the photo below one evening last week when there had been no obvious activity and there was simply a nice sunset:

If anyone wants to learn more about chemtrails, here are links to some full-length documentaries:

Why in the world are they spraying?


What in the world are they spraying?



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6 thoughts on “Chemtrails

  1. mumanisnowhere on said:

    Some good photos there Jules yes chemtrails are here and those of us awake to this manipulation of our climate find it at times frustrating that the vast majority of people are not clued in. Its basically a few individuals… trillionaires yes trillionaires, forget Forbes rich list that’s useless, who run mainly the US and European political, economic (banking and corporations), military and more so psychologically the media. Its the old 007 scenario rich evil men want to run the world on all fronts……ego a go go.

  2. Hi Muman,
    Thanks for your concise explanation.
    I am not a political type, I am mostly guilty of having my head in the clouds – but the clouds changing in a way that I am unable to attribute to anything I can make sense of.

  3. mumanisnowhere on said:

    This morning by coincidence after watching ‘Why In The World Are They Spraying’ yesterday I now understand one pattern of spraying. It was a clear blue sky to the south 06.15. As me and Mr G walked on there were at least 6 jet planes spraying in the high pressure area. To the north was an incoming low pressure area. The pattern was to seed aluminum nano particles that attract moisture in front of the low pressure area thus creating a larger low pressure area. So we now at 09.00 have a formless gray cloud cover and as a consequence solar dimming and climate manipulation.

  4. I noticed on my way to work this morning that the sky looked chaotic with lines.

  5. I had no idea about this and I went into my garden earlier and there was one right across the sky that I immediately snapped a photo of. Very enlightening.

    • It had to be pointed out to me in the first place before I began to notice. At first I argued that it must be the atmosphere that some days made contrails last longer than other days – but now I see loads of lines some days and none at all on others, in the same weather conditions – sometimes in loops and sometimes like a noughts & crosses board. The weirdest thing was seeing this one actually “at it” back in May:


      At first I thought it was a passenger plane in trouble and looking for somewhere to land – but again, it was pointed out to me. It was high enough in the sky to be soundless, so it didn’t draw attention to itself.

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